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Nina Simosko is the Chief Product Officer for NNT Innovation Institute (NTT I3), the Silicon Valley-based, open innovation/applied research & development center of NTT Group. She leads the development and commercialization of NTT i3’s groundbreaking platforms and solutions aimed at today’s Digital Businesses. Nina also currently serves on the Advisory Boards of two early-to-mid stage technology companies – Reflektion and AppOrchid.

Most Recent Articles

New Horizons

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This week I start in a new role as Chief Product Officer, leading global product and commercialization strategy for NTT Innovation Institute (NTT i3). NTT i3 is the Silicon Valley-based open innovation and applied...

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Women Who Lead

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We hear a lot of talk about gender inequality at all levels. From the board room to the call center and everywhere in-between, we seem to have a problem. This is particularly in the technology field where...

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The Three Ms of Mentoring

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Mentoring is one of those strange, unknowable beasts. It can be hard to do,...

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Is the Digital Age Over and, If So, What “Age” are We in Now?

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In speaking with colleagues recently, the question came up as to whether or not we are now post the Digital Age and, if we are, what would we call this next wave?

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Four Steps to Encourage Young Women into Tech Careers

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Study after study has shown that diversity in the workplace has significant impacts on an organization’s employee morale, productivity and profitability.

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Putting a STEM in STEM for Women

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We often look at the world of tech startups through rose colored glasses....

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Are You CEO Ready? Start with a Principle not an Idea

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Many aspire to be CEOs, but there are true costs to leadership, especially in the early years of business building. Be sure to understand the benefits and costs – and to build a solid team around you before you decide to push ahead. And always, always, stick to your principles.

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