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Nina Simosko works for Nike, Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon and is responsible for leading the creation and execution of Nike Technology strategy and operations world-wide. In addition, Nina currently serves on the Advisory Boards of Taulia, Inc., Appcelerator Inc. and K2 Partnering Solutions.[More]

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Closing the Gap-Statistics, Perceptions and Futures for Women in the Workplace

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Gender equality in the workplace has been a topic that I have followed with great interest for some time. Looking around the world, we can now see many women who have smashed through the glass ceiling to be recognized as leaders on a world stage.

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Are Your Top Executives Running on Empty?

Posted in Communication, Corporate Performance, Featured, Leadership, Team Building | Comments Off

You know the drill … into the office to get the day started. You are beset by distractions, dramas and issues, all of which keep you away from the important work that is (or should be) your focus. Yet, each and...

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The Growth Mindset for Leaders

Posted in Featured, Infographics, Innovation, Kibbutz Leadership, Leadership, Life Continuum | Comments Off

I have recently been pondering the very personal way that leaders have to continually re-invest in their own capabilities.

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Digital Hollywood: Personal Branding and Company Identity

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It can be a fine line balancing the role that you have as a leader within a business and the activities you undertake beyond the business. You may sit on the board of a not-for-profit organization. Or volunteer on weekends.

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The Perils of Linear Leadership

Posted in Featured, Leadership, Linear Leadership, Team Building | 1 comment

Throughout my career, and undoubtedly those of many of my readers, people have...

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Where Do You Start?

Posted in Featured, Innovation, Leadership | 2 comments

For some time I have been fascinated by the way that different people solve...

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From 50% to 5% – the Shrinking Role of Women in the C-Suite

Posted in Featured, Glass Ceiling, Infographics, Women | Comments Off

It’s time to set some tangible and achievable goals – and that includes getting more women into leadership roles in the Fortune 1000 as well as in the world of startups.

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