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Where Do You Start?

Posted in Featured, Innovation, Leadership | 2 comments

For some time I have been fascinated by the way that different people solve problems. Over the years I have worked with both creative...

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The New CTO – Chief Transformation Officer

Posted in Customer Oriented Thinking, Featured, Innovation, Leadership, Strategy | Comments Off

Today’s CTO needs to think beyond technology and take responsibility for transformation.

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The New CIO – The Chief Impact Officer

Posted in Change Management, Innovation, Leadership, Strategy | Comments Off

There once was a time when the driving force for corporate innovation was comfortably at home with the office of the CIO. It was a time...

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Going Gaga–Leadership and Reinvention

Posted in Celebrities As Leaders, Innovation, Leadership | Comments Off

One of the most enjoyable series of blog posts I have written was looking at the leadership styles of celebrities. I started with Britney...

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The Kibbutz Model of Social Media

Posted in Blogging, Customer Oriented Thinking, Innovation, Social Media | Comments Off

I have been thinking, for some time, about the different aspects of social media and how they can apply to the day-to-day challenges of...

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Start with Your Own Why

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In this great TEDx talk, Simon Sinek explains exactly why some businesses – like Apple – inspire fans rather than “have” customers. It’s...

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